Therapeutic Beds Improve Sleep

Feeling tired

Recent studies reveal some interesting facts about sleep. For example, in one poll, over 90% of Americans admitted that they often wake up in the middle of the night; 43% of those ages 13 to 64 say they rarely get a good night’s sleep, even on weekends. There are various reasons why people have trouble sleeping, from snoring to insomnia, but all of them can result in physical and mental health problems.

The National Sleep Foundation reports that snoring affects over 35% of Americans on a regular basis; either their own snoring or a partner’s. Another poll discovered that 86% of participants say they wake up because they are either too hot or too cold. And a 2013 Gallup Poll found that parents of young children are commonly sleep-deprived: 54% report not getting enough sleep.

What is “enough sleep?” The National Sleep Foundation suggests 7-9 hours per night for adults; this averages to the commonly-held wisdom of “a full eight hours.” Young children need more, and have a sleep schedule unique to them.

No matter the reason for losing sleep, it’s important to address it so you can have restful, healthy sleep. Even when you?ve achieved a full night’s rest, however, it is possible to experience negative health effects. The body’s sleeping position affects posture, circulation, and muscle movement and sensation. Back, hip, and neck pain can be exacerbated, or even caused by, uncomfortable sleeping conditions. Consider this: on average, people spend approximately 3,000 hours per year lying on their beds. With that much time spent doing something that the body requires, something that is important to one’s health and well-being, surely the quality and comfort of the mattress is crucial.

One option for more comfortable and healthy sleep is a therapeutic bed. A therapeutic bed is a bed equipped with assistive technology such as electric angle adjustment, heating, and massage. A therapeutic bed can also be a specialized adjustable mattress or deluxe memory foam topper. Adjustable double beds can individualize needs for people who share sleeping arrangements.

The benefits of a therapeutic bed are many. For instance, beds equipped with heat and massage may help alleviate back pain, muscle fatigue, arthritis and joint pain, and more. Electric beds with adjustable mattresses provide a range of sleep positions, allowing one to sleep upright to reduce snoring or nighttime heartburn. Getting a full night of undisturbed sleep results in better health and higher energy levels.

Comfort while sleeping is essential, and a therapeutic bed can be an essential component of the quality of your sleep.

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