The Criteria for the Best Schools in Miami


Every parent, whether long time Miami residents or just having made a move to the area, will focus on finding the best schools in miami for their children. Attention will be given to the district’s overall ratings and to what they offer their students.

Depending upon the ages of the children, the search might be for anything from preschool right on up to high school. Along with their district, state, and even national ratings, what is important about the best schools in miami could include different points for varied families. There are a wide range of schools to choose from, many offering their own unique additions to the daily curriculum. Parents might be looking for private kindergarten schools, or maybe a preparatory academy. A high school student who is very sports minded might prefer a school that offers a strong high school basketball or football team. Other students who excel academically would probably want to check out schools that offer a highly rated honors program.

Miami does have its share of private schools as well as public. Across the United States 24% of schools are private schools into which 10% of students from preK through high school are enrolled. Often times a major draw to enrolling children in a private school is the fact that 86% have a total of no more than 300 students. On average a private high school is approximately half the size of a public high school. Many parents see this as beneficial, feeling that smaller classrooms mean a higher level of attention for each child. Statistics show that 80% of parents who have enrolled their children into private schools are more than satisfied with the academic standards offered by the school.

At times parents will specifically look for a preparatory school for their children to attend. This can be either a secondary private or a parochial school that offers a curriculum specifically geared toward college preparedness. Many of these types of schools also offer boarding facilities for their students.

There are a great many choices of preschools in the Miami area available for parents to visit when considering an educational program for their three to five year olds. Among preschools many are considered to be right up there with the best schools in miami because of their overall rating. However, along with the usual preschool curriculum, many parents will be looking for a program which includes certain specifics as well. It is these preferences that will characterize the school to parents as one of the best schools in miami.

When comparing private schools to public schools to determine which is better, there will really be no set-in-stone answer, simply because it depends upon what parents and students are looking for. Although at the core of every school is the education they offer, many schools additionally possess a uniqueness that will attract students as well. Speaking monetarily, public schools are more affordable. Although, throughout a child’s years in the public school system, school supplies will need to be purchased and donations will be requested, the bottom line is that the education itself is basically free.

Enrolling their children in private school does appeal to parents for certain reasons. Smaller classes, mentioned earlier, is definitely a fact that draws attention. In addition, statistically speaking, there are other facts that speak for themselves. Fifty percent of parents feel that a private school provides a better learning environment as well as better disciplined students. Another 46% feel that a private school offers a safer environment than a public school, and 39% believe that students in private schools receive more individual attention.

When mulling over the facts that lead to the decision about which are better, public or private schools, there is only one bottom line. It comes down to which type of school is better for the individual child. Many children thrive in a public school environment, while others do better in a private school setting. Among parents asked, those who prefer private schools generally feel that everything they offer is on a higher level, which justifies the cost of tuition. Parents who lean more toward public school education often believe that their specialty programs are more highly developed. Again, the answer will benefit the child.

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