How We Can Show Our Support and Appreciation For Military Families and Veterans

Most things in life come and go. They’re not permanent, but that’s ok because they can be replaced. Of course, some things can’t be replaced. Friends, family, and loved ones last with you forever. This is true for everyone in the world. However, military families know better than anyone else just how fragile life can be, as members of the military sacrifice for the country and their families suffer from the loss.

In all of this, it’s vital that we remember, respect, and celebrate these families. From family portraits to specialized frames for displaying flat military ribbons, there are plenty of great options to display honors won from their time in the military. These include military award display boxes for armed forces awards and military retirement awards, to a simple frame to fill with photos of loved ones.

When you think about army ribbons and how to earn them, it can be overwhelming. That’s why offering a chance to display them and honor the veterans who earned them is so important to military families around the country.

Clothes donations

Balance work and family responsibilities is difficult enough for the average American family. Factor in hectic school and work schedules, budgeting, and preparing for the rapidly approaching winter holiday season, and life can get pretty crazy to say the least. Now imagine being a member of a military or veteran family on top of all these other challenges. Life as civilian begins to seem a lot more manageable in comparison to the daily challenges military families face.

Military families face a who difference set of obstacles than civilian families do, which is why it is imperative for communities to come together and unite in order to show their support for military families and veterans in their area. As the holiday season will soon quickly be upon us, now is the perfect time to make charitable donations to organizations that help military families in your area.

There are several ways in which you can give back, with each way being equally important. Becoming a volunteer is an excellent way to contribute. Not only are you actively making a difference in your community and in the lives of those in need, you are also improving your health and well being. Numerous studies have indicating that volunteering has several health and psychological benefits, including but limited to, lower blood pressure, reduction in stress and anxiety, improved sense of self, as well as offering a sense of purpose. It truly is better to give than it is to receive.

Additionally, clothing donations have become increasingly popular, as Americans become more socially, economically, and environmentally aware. Each year, it’s estimated that Americans discard nearly 68 pounds of clothing, of which nearly 99% could have been recycled or reused. Textile and fabric wastes only contributes to the problem of over-burdened landfills. By making a clothing donation, you are not only making a difference in the lives of others, you’re also helping the environment.

As always, regardless of the nature of your charitable donation, whether it be time, clothing, money, food, or other household items, keep in mind that your efforts are not going unnoticed.

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