Decor, Lights And Food Putting Together The Ideal Party

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Planning a party takes time, effort and a lot of love. When you’ve got numerous guests, food orders and scheduling to plan, the last thing you want are decorations causing you stress! Designing your event should be as fun as the event itself and there are numerous options available out there to get you started, such as linen rentals. Whether your party is outside or inside, your furniture and lighting set the mood and create the memories that will be remembered in photo books to come. Below I’ll list common types of celebrations in the West, popular decoration ideas and easy tips to get you started.

Parties In The West

First off, you need to narrow down exactly what kind of party you’re going to be having. Are you trying to raise funds? Or are you hosting someone’s sweet sixteen? Fundraising events should be personable and casual, allowing people to become familiar with your cause through a friendly atmosphere and thus more likely to support what you’re promoting. A sweet sixteen, in particular, is a popular coming-of-age celebration in North America and is primarily celebrated in the United States and Canada. The average sweet sixteen birthday party can cost anywhere from $300 to over $20,000. If you’re having a Bar Mitzvah, then you’re far from alone — Bar Mitzvah celebrations have become more elaborate with each passing year with the average budget running as high as $30,000. Phew! So what sounds right for your special occasion?

Popular Ideas For Parties

Whether you’re hosting a BBQ or a pre-wedding get-together you need to have the right mood. If you’re looking for decorations that are both simple and effective, look no further than portable lights, light-up furniture and sailcloths. Illuminated LED furniture can create a fun atmosphere when the sun goes down (while keeping people from stumbling into each other, of course!). You can string Christmas lights onto trees and fountains for a little extra style. Sailcloth tents are a lovely alternative for outside decor, as well, and can create quaint little enclosures for people to drink and mingle. So where should you start?

Getting Started

If you’re considering fun tent accessories or general party equipment, look toward linen rentals for all your decorating needs. Parties are temporary, so there’s no need for your fancy decor to be a huge commitment! Linen rentals use high-quality cloth to create beautiful table runners, napkins and chair covers to give your event some sparkle. You can even choose particular themes, like nautical decor or modern minimalism. So what are you waiting for? Look into shops in your local area and choose linen rentals that will turn your party into one to remember!

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