Backyard Obstacle Courses For Your Kids

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Sometimes it can be hard to get the kids to play outdoors. But one way to get them interested in all that the outside has to offer is to start them out with a really cool outdoor party. Whether it’s a birthday or some other special event, a combination of activities, like carnival games, a jump house, inflatables, even an outdoor obstacle course, can transform a boring backyard into an amazing adventure.

Designing an Obstacle Course

Everyone has an inflatable slide rentals and bounce houses. Make your party extra cool with an obstacle course. You can design your own, or rent inflatable obstacle courses that will give you ideas and be attractive to kids. If you decide to rent or buy inflatable obstacle courses you can choose from a variety of themes and find pieces that can be mixed and matched in different ways to provide variety.

Is a Backyard Obstacle Course Useful?

An obstacle course stimulates imagination in useful ways, as children imagine themselves in a variety of adventurous situations. They also help children develop their coordination, spacial sense, muscle tone, and general physical fitness. The skills they learn mastering obstacle course challenges also teach them how to avoid falls and obstacles in the real world. And good inflatable obstacle courses are designed and padded in ways that protect kids from any injury.

What Parts are There to An Obstacle Course?

There are often many types to choose from, and most of them can be connected to one another in some way. There will be components that have to be climbed over, others that need to be climbed under, tunnel to go through, and attached slides. These can be combined with other inflatables to allow for limitless creative play.

Are Inflatable Obstacle Courses Any Good?

Advances in technology mean that inflatables are much sturdier than they used to be. A lot of inflatable obstacle courses now come with warranties for as long as three years, as well as patch kits, glue, and even emergency exits for fast deflation if a child should panic or think they’re stuck. As demand increases, quality and design are increasing, too. The company Technavio is forecasting that the inflatable toys market will be up to $5.72 billion by 2021, and while the inflatables industry is only about 50 years old, it has seen steady business growth from the beginning.

There are lots of options with inflatables, and they can be a great way to encourage kids outside to play while expanding their imaginations and developing their minds and bodies. Look into inflatable rentals near you and see how limitless the possibilities are!

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