An American Treasure from the Amish A Handmade Adirondack Chair

There’s something so captivating about the Amish, isn’t there? Refusing to give in to the progress of the modern world, they maintain their own customs, their own traditions and their own way of life. They are a self-sufficient culture, raising their own food, making their own clothes and most of all constructing Amish buildings such as a custom shed, a handmade Adirondack chair or an Amish prefab garage. They also craft wooden outdoor furniture and Amish furniture such as a wooden rocker or a wooden dining room chairs and wooden dining room tables–all from the bounty of the land.

When early American folk art surged in popularity in the 1920s, handmade Amish furniture garnered much attention that that time, too. The Amish outlook on life is best reflected in the painstaking craftsmanship of Amish furniture such as a handmade Adirondack chair, with each piece 100% handcrafted.

Those traditions last even into today. Selecting handmade furniture is a consumer trend, and buyers are finding that handmade outdoor furniture–including Amish indoor furniture and Amish outdoor furniture–is a natural choice. Since Amish furniture is mostly constructed from the wood of five different trees, consumers have their choice among maple, cherry, walnut, hickory or oak furniture pieces. These can be made into a handmade picnic table, an Amish storage shed or an Amish rabbit hutch. The possibilities are endless.

Furniture selection is quite a very personal choice, unique to each individual. With each choice, something is revealed about the buyer–their values, their preferences, their respect for the past and for nature, and the particular needs of their home living environments. In fact, when 2000 consumers responded to a survey, 72.7% agreed that furniture is a reflection of their personality.

The Amish emphasize quality, not quantity, so buyers know they might have to wait a while for their pieces. In fact, the fine quality of handmade Amish furniture is what sets it apart distinctly. With a new or custom piece, buyers can expect about an eight-week wait for their furniture to be built. But with that wait comes an heirloom treasure that will last for generations.

The lasting quality is a real draw for the vast majority of consumers who filled out a survey (95.1%). These consumers said they are counting on at least 15 years to keep their wood furniture.

And perhaps this is what appeals to us so strongly about these Amish buildings and furnishings. In them are revealed the Amish personality and sense of purpose, of tradition and respect for the natural world. As you sit in your handmade Adirondack chair, you have the Amish to thank for all of this functionality and beauty.

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