3 Shocking Facts About Used Clothing Donations That May Influence You to Give More This Holiday Season

Donate clothes

Many people like to think that they do their part in protecting the environment and giving back to their community, but some underestimate the true power of used clothing donations. The amount of quality clothing thrown away every single year is staggering, and the benefits of donating are far greater than some realize.

With the holiday season approaching, consider collecting some old clothing that you don’t wear anymore to donate to the less fortunate. Many families in your community depend on use clothing donations to have gifts they can exchange with loved ones, and your donations mean a lot more to them than they ever did to you. Plus, there are even donation pickup services now, and the tax incentives of donating are better than ever. Here are a few surprising statistics that may convince you to give a little more this holiday season:

    Textiles account for 5% of all municipal waste. The amount of clothing negligently thrown away by Americans every single year could clothe the less fortunate for decades, and only about 15% of it is recycled. The value of charitable donations is far too great to carelessly throw quality clothing away, and if more people began to realize this, it would go a long way in helping families in need. These days, you don’t even have to drive to a local charity to donate. Many organizations will come directly from your home to pick up as many used clothing donations as you can afford to give.

    70% of social media users will donate after hearing a friend donated. Social media often gets a bad reputation, but the positive word-of-mouth that can be spread on these websites certainly adds to their appeal. This is especially true during the holiday season, and notifying friends of your charitable endeavors could help to influence them to make their own donations. Donating should be looked at as the fun and rewarding experience that it truly is, and letting people know you’re getting involved will make them more likely to donate.

    A standard men’s overcoat can earn you a $60 tax write-off. You’d be surprised at just how much you’ll be reimbursed during tax season when you decide to donate. This potential $60 write-off also applies to men’s suits, and a coffee maker can qualify as a $4-$15 dollar write-off as well. It’s just an added bonus to doing the right thing and giving back to your community.

Gather up some used clothing donations this holiday season and give them to people who need them the most. It’s a wonderful way to teach your children the value of giving, and an experience you’ll never forget.

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