What You Can You Burn in a Fire Pit?

Fire pits are an excellent outdoor feature. They provide an excellent place for you and your family to congregate. There are so many options for things to cook. You could roast marshmallows or hotdogs. The experience is much more authentic than an electric fireplace. In this video, you will learn what you can and can’t burn in a fire pit.

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The most common item that people use for fuel is wood. It is an especially good option if you have dead limbs and trigs lying around. Essentially any wood will work. However, hardwood pines are especially good. You can also buy it at the store. Wood pellets are also an easy-to-burn option. Lastly, wood bricks are an alternative option. They have lower moisture levels which makes them easier to burn.

There are also many things you should avoid burning in your fire pit. Pressure treated wood is actually toxic to burn. This is because it has been treated with chemicals. Similarly, plastic also release toxic chemicals into the air when burned. Even magazines and junk mail will release toxins when burned. Lastly, you want to avoid using gasoline on your fires as it can be unpredictable and lead to explosions.


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