Unique Places to Shoot Your Wedding Photos

A unique wedding photo is a fun way to show off your unique style and personality as a couple. Whether you love nature, the city, or even theme parks, there’s somewhere perfect for you to take unique wedding photos with your spouse.

1. Baseball Diamonds

The unique ideas for setting up the unique wedding photo locations in Baseball Diamonds are unique to capture unique wedding photos. You can customize these unique wedding photo locations by your preferences, interests, and choices for your unique goal in taking unique pictures.

The many themed Baseball Diamonds provide an idea of adding unique concepts to take unique shots there that will prove very interesting takeaways from this venue. The different colored backgrounds can set off each shot into black-and-white tones or strong colors of clashing hues, depending on your preference and desire.

Another unique concept of using Baseball Diamonds as a backdrop for having unique wedding photos is by integrating props such as hats of baseball players, sashes, and more into the background or unique shots.

You can also take unique wedding photos of your unique bridal dress by bringing unique lighting inside the venue. Such unique lighting will make this unique place more ideal for weddings, especially if you plan a unique wedding at night or very late in the day. The many bulbs hung around these Baseball Diamonds are perfect for setting up unique lights that you can bring with you on your special day.

Booking of Baseball Diamonds just got easier because we offer unique venues for unique weddings with unique photo opportunities. Unique wedding photos are a great way to show how unique you and your unique spouse introduce unique aspects. It introduces each other’s lives that made the unique relationship successful.

Keep in mind that these Baseball Diamonds can also be used as unique backgrounds for unique engagement shoots, unique bachelorette parties, and more even beyond beautiful wedding days.

2. Top City Skyscrapers

Everyone looks for unique wedding photo locations, and a unique place to shoot your wedding photos is atop a City Skyscraper. Why unique? When you hire a photographer to capture this special event, you want unique, unexpected moments that show the real authentic love between two people. A moment that is unique from all others in life. A day that will be full of these unique, intimate moments only genuine by themselves are magically captured by unique places that can’t resist being one of those unique wedding photo locations. So if it’s one of these unique wedding photo locations you are looking for, imagine how unique shooting at the top of a city skyscraper would be!

Imagine how it would feel to arrive there with your friends and family before saying ‘I do’ to each other. Imagine how unique it would feel walking through the door to this unique wedding photo location, then taking that unique elevator ride up 100 feet into the sky while looking out over the city!

As soon as you start taking in this unique experience, your photographer will understand what pose is ideal while giving you the unique moment you are asking for, since there is nothing as amazing as shooting unique wedding photo locations at the top of a City Skyscraper.

3. A Top Rolling Hills or Mountainside

Do you love the great outdoors? If so, consider shooting unique wedding photos atop rolling hills or mountains during sunset. There is something about watching sunlight peeking through tree branches that makes anyone fall in love. Add some fog for an even more romantic feel, and you’ve got yourself unique outdoor wedding photo magic at its finest.

4. In a Stadium Seating Arrangement

If you have an indoor wedding, unique wedding photos in a stadium seating arrangement are a unique photo opportunity that will show off your unique sense of style and fun personality as a couple! You can have the bridal party pose from the front row, with the aisle as the centerpiece. Or, try inviting guests to sit on either side of the aisle for unique photos from both sides. Maybe there’ll be some crying children or overly-excited guests sneaking into one of these unique wedding pictures!

5. Top Frozen Waterfalls

Who doesn’t love unique wedding photos atop frozen waterfalls? There are a few unique wedding photos that you can shoot alone, with your spouse, or even as a couple with your pets – there’s truly something unique for everyone! One great unique wedding photo location to shoot these unique wedding photos is in Yosemite National Park, California. A waterfront restaurant provides you with several suitable areas for a special wedding photo session.

6. In a Treehouse

There’s nothing more unique than shooting wedding photos in an outdoor space. Such areas offer various options to choose from: such as gun range arenas and treehouses, amongst others. Treehouses provide endless unique photo opportunities, ranging from scenic shots of the surrounding forest to fun snaps from inside the house. It’s an experience that you’ll never forget! If you love the outdoors and adventure, this is the perfect place to shoot unique wedding photos of your special day.

7. Atop a Ferris wheel

Unique wedding photos atop a Ferris wheel will capture the excitement and joy on your faces as you first lock eyes on one another. This unique wedding photography is perfect for an Indian wedding, as the Haldi ceremony usually occurs at night. The colorful lights of the Ferris wheel will also make for unique photos that are full of life and energy.

8. On a Private Lawn

A private lawn can offer unique wedding photo opportunities like no other if you’re willing to get creative with your photographer. Try having your bridal party pose on random objects like rocks, logs, or even tree stumps! Another unique idea is to have your photographer capture candid shots during family formal or group shots throughout the day. You’ll be surprised how unique these pictures turn out!

9. Atop an Olympic Bobsled Track

Unique wedding photos atop an Olympic bobsled track will be brag-worthy unique wedding photos that you’ll cherish forever. Dress the bride and groom in warm winter clothes (or even white suits) to make unique wedding photos full of life and energy! Of course, this unique wedding picture is perfect for winter weddings in colder climates like Colorado or Alaska.

10. Alongside a Train

Now, unique wedding photos alongside a train are usually associated with country barn weddings. However, if you live near a railroad, there’s no reason why these unique photographs can’t take place at any time of year! If you’re worried about safety, don’t worry! The risk involved with photographing unique wedding pictures along train tracks is minimal – stay off the tracks and make sure you communicate with your photographer before getting started.

11. In a Castle

Unique wedding photos in a castle will be unique wedding photos that will make for an unforgettable fairy tale experience! Shooting unique wedding pictures inside a castle allows you to bring unique charm and architecture into your unique wedding pictures. You can even shoot in multiple rooms or climb up staircases to get unique perspectives on this dreamy location.

12. On the Dunes of the Beach at Sunrise or Sunset

If you’re staying at a beachfront resort, unique wedding photos on the dunes will be unique wedding photo opportunities perfectly suited for couples who love spending time outdoors. Shoot various images underneath palm trees, along the shoreline, the dock, and atop dunes! Sunrise and sunset are also unique times to shoot unique wedding pictures because the lighting is just stunning.

13. In an Old Abandoned Factory or Warehouse

Now, unique wedding photos in an abandoned factory or warehouse don’t seem too appealing at first glance. However, this unique photo idea is a unique wedding photo opportunity in disguise! You can shoot unique wedding pictures within the industrial-style setting of the building itself, or you could even incorporate unique portraits, motorcycle accessories, or any other items you wish around the exterior. Just think outside the box, and your unique wedding photos will be unique indeed!

14. Underneath a 50-Foot Tall Tree

Now, unique wedding photos underneath a 50-foot tall tree are not for everyone. However, if you love spending time in nature, this unique wedding photo idea might be perfect for you! This unique photo opportunity is best captured during the fall or winter months when leaves change color or when there’s snow on the ground. If possible, try to schedule your session at sunrise or sunset! These unique times of day will reflect incredible and unique wedding photos.

15. Beaches

What better place to bring sandals than to a unique wedding location where sandals are required! Many of the places we’ll talk about today will be great for unique and fun pictures. Why not add some unique and fun photos while at your favorite beach?

When it comes to unique places to shoot your wedding photos, several locations come to mind. One unique place to shoot wedding photos is on a unique sandbar.

16. Zoos

Zoos are unique places for many reasons, but the unique thing about wedding photography is that they have unique animals in unique habitats. There’s a lot of variety when it comes to shooting in a zoo with unique backgrounds.

There are hundreds of unique places to take wedding photos. But, not all unique wedding photo locations are unique in a good sense. Some unique places can pose threats to your wedding photography (e.g., risky road access, vandalism, etc.).For the zoos, commercial glass services enhance safety for people by fixing ideal glass to allow viewing of animals. This, in return, makes the zoos one of the unique wedding photo locations that pose no threat but offer stunning views and sights that will significantly increase your chances of creating memorable images.

17. Highway Overpasses

Highway overpasses offer unique vantage points for amazing shots with minimal risks. You would be surprised to discover how many overpasses there are around you – especially if you reside or plan to marry in a big city like New York City or Los Angeles, where unique wedding photo locations are everywhere.

Highway overpasses can be used for unique bridal portrait images and unique wedding venues like ceremonies or receptions. Go to Google Maps (images) and type ‘overpass’ or any other unique search word you come up with; then study photos to find unique angles that will work for your unique wedding theme.

18. Roadside Views

Roadsides offer unique places for amazing shots and unique backgrounds of buildings and objects (e.g., gas stations, road signs, etc.). Don’t forget about sunrises and sunsets; they provide unique colors on the sky that can in unique pictures too! No need to become a 100% unique wedding photographer if you want unique images!

19. Parks

When selecting unique wedding photo locations, you need to consider more than just where you’d like to take your guests for dinner. Unique wedding photos are becoming the norm among couples looking for something ‘different’ when it comes to their wedding day.

A unique place to shoot your wedding photos is far away from the standard shots of the bride and groom in front of a church. Today, unique weddings have brides and grooms choosing destinations that capture their personality or interests. Even unique wedding photo locations aren’t venues at all but places where people can get married with unique backdrops, scenery, or settings.

Many people like creating unique wedding photos in city or state parks because they are natural settings. People enjoy unique wedding photos while surrounded by trees, flowers, and grass. Parks offer couples unique photo opportunities with everything from windmills to waterfalls and even enclosed trailers. Plus, the parks are naturally beautiful, making unique wedding photos easy to capture without too much effort.

20. Nature Preserves and Beaches

Couples looking for unique wedding photo locations with a rustic feel might consider nature preserves or beaches. Nature preserves often have trails where couples can take unique wedding photos while not worrying about the sun’s harsh light. Plus, there is usually little to no one at a nature preserve, so unique wedding shots can be taken without interruption. Beaches also offer unique backgrounds while also providing ample shade from the sun while taking unique wedding photos.

There are tons of unique places where one can take interesting photos, especially at their weddings. However, not every location would ensure the success of an image. Different things can determine the choice of location. Couples can choose any location to mark the special day: including a business place such as a vape shop, book shop, or any other place, as long as the facilities allow the wedding photography to take place. A good photographer should know unique wedding photo locations that are unique yet not dangerous, including on an aerial lift that is safe to use. The article above has offered unique wedding photo location ideas that do not threaten the couple or the photographer.

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