Dont Make These Common Fence Mistakes

Fencing is a core aspect of your yard. It gives you privacy and keeps your children and pets safe. There are many reasons to consider installing a new fence. If you are considering a new fence, you could call a professional fencing company to ensure that the job is done right. Otherwise, you may fall victim to a whole list of common fencing mistakes.

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If you do wish to do it yourself, this video teach you about some of the most common mistakes.

The first mistake is not identifying the location of your underground utilities. The last thing you want is a fence post piecing a pipe. Then, you would have even more work to do. In fact, this can cause thousands of dollars to fix. Worst of all, this could even cause death if you hit an electric line.

Another common mistake is not driving the fence posts deep enough. This can cause the fence most to get pushed back up when the ground freezes. This is why many fence posts are crooked and unstable. To avoid this, make sure to drive the post at least two feet into the ground.


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