Tools Used by Drain Cleaning Companies

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Drain cleaning companies will help with water supply issues, hot water heater pipes, sewage drains, and more. They are qualified professionals who can tackle a lot of jobs. This video explains some of the tools they use to accomplish high-quality installations, maintenance, and repairs.

Drain cleaning isn’t just done with a plunger, now. The tools used to clear drains have developed rapidly. The first thing a drain cleaning contractor will have with them is a cable machine. The cable snakes its way through your pipes to clear blockages and find leaks.

A lot of the time the end of the cable will be fitted with a specialized tool that’s can work for specific problems. Some have serrated edges to cut infiltrating roots. Some have specially designed blades to cut through grease. They come in various sizes to fit in a variety of pipes.

Plumbers can also fix cameras to the end of cables and use a display screen to identify leaks and other problems. They get a first-person view of what’s going on in the pipe. The camera is fitted with a detector to show the contractor where the camera head is located.

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