Three Ways Clothing Donations to the Red Cross Can Help Both Families in Need and Donors

Used clothing donations

Many individuals would like to help others in any way possible. When natural disasters or other emergencies occur, many people see the chaos, emotion, and need their fellow man may be experiencing, but feel unsure as to how they can help. One way to help others is by making American red cross donations. All year long, the Red Cross helps individuals and families through food and clothing, shelter, and medical emergencies. These people may be affected by war, natural disaster, or simply be in need and have nowhere else to turn. Here are three ways that giving clothing American red cross clothing donations can help others.

Clothing is Thrown Away Often Without a Second Thought, But Donating it Can Help Save Lives

Many people have more clothing than they know what to do with. In the United States alone, individuals throw away at least ten pounds of clothing a year. But rather than go to waste in a landfill, there are used clothing donations that could benefit many different families. Many clothing donations can be dropped off at a local center, and there is even red cross clothing pick up. This would involve someone from the organization coming to an individual?s home, and picking up the unneeded items for them. It is free and can be set up quickly and efficiently. No type of clothing is unneeded. Everyone from adults to babies and children of all ages can make use of gently used clothing donations. For those who need items for work or school, children who have outgrown sizes but cannot get new items, or the working parent who needs clothes for their job, donations can make a huge difference in their lives. Clothing can be distributed across different states, cities, or even given to those living in a local community.

Clothing Donations Can Be Used to Write Off Taxes

Some people might worry that they do not have enough tax write offs, and are unsure of how to counteract this. American red cross clothing donations are an excellent way to give back to others, while being able to write off charitable deductions come tax time. Used clothing donations are popular and effective in helping others, and present a material item that can be put to use right away. For families that believe in the power of helping others, used clothing donations are a simple and direct way to give back to those who need it the most. While contributions in monetary form to an agency are always welcome, material goods that are donated ensure that they go right to families. During winter months, especially, this can make a world of difference in ensuring that children stay warm and have enough items to get them through a tough season that is difficult for many families.

Giving Back is a Simple and Easy Way to Feel Better About Helping Others

About 63% of individuals say that helping others in their community is the main reason they believe in donating. Clothes donations allow families to clean out their closets and offer items they aren?t using to others in the community, or even on a national level. Many people choose to give around the holidays, believing that to be the best time to teach their children the value of giving and helping. But, one can donate clothes at any time of year, no matter what the season. Getting rid of items that no longer are used can reduce clutter around a home and make moving out easier, but it can also feel good to know they can be enjoyed by someone else, rather than filling up a trash heap. By giving the American red cross clothing donations, folks know they are helping to fill a very real need.

For individuals and families that wish to make a difference, American red cross clothing donations are one of the easiest way to improve any community. Clothes of all types and sizes are accepted, and it gives individuals the chance to write off their taxes with a charitable donation. Giving to others makes people feel good about themselves, while knowing they are not contributing to a landfill, since their used clothing items will have a home.

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