A Look At The Many Benefits Of Charitable Giving Here In The United States

Here in the United States, charitable giving is incredibly common. As a matter of fact, as much has 70% of the entire population will give charitably at least once over the course of the year, if not even more frequently than that. Even if you’re not able to make monetary donations, you’ll likely be able to donate used goods, such as used clothing. Nowadays, donating old clothing and other old textile products has not only become more commonplace than ever, but has become a more simple and overall easier process as well.

For instance, there are more charities to donate used clothes to as well, and many drop off clothing sites like the typical Red Cross clothing pickup. A Red Cross clothing pickup can be found in many places all throughout the country as a whole, making the typical Red Cross clothing pickup quite highly accessible to the average person looking to donate their used clothing here in the United States. And donating to a Red Cross clothing pickup will likely to be quite hugely useful at the end of the day.

After all, American Red Cross centers are typically in need of all of the donations that they can get, as they are open every single day of the year, including major and minor holidays alike. For those who are unaware, American Red Cross locations are also open every hour of the day as well. At most American Red Cross centers, not only will used clothes donations be provided, but food and shelter and blankets and even blood. Therefore, the Red Cross clothing pickup site is likely to be highly utilized by just about any and every community where there is an American Red Cross center providing unfailing aid throughout the years.

Of course, the benefits of donating your used clothing to a Red Cross clothing pickup site is greater than just the impact it can have on your community, as truly important as this impact is still likely to be. But donating to a Red Cross clothing pickup site or some other clothing donation pickup site tends to be hugely beneficial from an environment standpoint as well. These donations will only grow in importance and people continue to consume more and more clothing than ever before.

To put things more clearly, the average woman living here in the United States is likely to have as many as 30 full and separate outfits, meaning that she has one for just about every single day of the month. A woman about 100 years ago, for instance, would likely own only about nine full outfits at the very most. In total, this means that the average person consumes as many as 68 different articles of clothing in just one single year.

This means, unfortunately, that much of this clothing will end up being thrown away. Typically, the average person here in the United States will throw away an average of ten pounds of various clothing articles and pieces, but this number can easily grow to a larger amount. Fortunately, taking the time to donate clothes such as to a Red Cross donation pickup can very much make a difference when it comes to the amount of things that end up in our landfills. Red Cross donations can sometimes even include other types of textiles, of which nearly 100% will be recyclable to some place, no matter what condition they might be in.

Of course, donating your clothing can be ideal for your own home and happiness as well. Living in too much clutter is not always ideal, and can make it hard to really see what you want and need versus what is simply just taking up space. Donating your clothing is a great way to help reduce some of this clutter in your own home, leaving you with considerably more space in general as well as more room in specific spaces like your closet area. At the end of the day, getting rid of clothing through donation them is far more ideal than simply throwing them away instead for so many different reasons, from helping your community to saving the planet.

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