What Are the Latest Updates Your Church Has Made to Its Building Spaces?

You were surprised when you opened your social media window and saw a live feed from your church. Nothing was going on, but there was a live feed none the less. As you looked a little closer you discovered that the video image was a test of a new security system that had been put in place. You and your wife joked that first the pastors announced that the decades old church pews for sale would be offered on a first come first served basis, and now they are installing a live feed camera in the sanctuary. It looks like your congregation is entering the digital age.

All joking aside, there are more and more churches across the country that are making us of video technology to monitor spaces after a couple of fatal shooting events. As pastors and church council groups navigate their way through a time when they are offering both church pews for sale and additions of technologies to their spaces, there are also many opportunities to create more well designed spaces in an effort to create more comfort and security.

What Do Picture of When You Think of a Church Building?
If you are like most Americans the picture of a church steeple likely comes to mind when you are think about a church building. And while iconic church steeple designs remain an important part of the architecture of any church. there are also many other things that are going on inside these houses of worship. From redesigning the size and placement of church pews to more comfortably accommodate today’s congregations to installing video security systems inside many otherwise unsupervised spaces, there are many times when today’s pastors and church leaders are doing more than planning for the next big religious holiday.

Church furniture is often designed to reflect a formal and setting for many spaces. As more and more churches look for a way to also make sure that there are also comfortable and attractive, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of congregations who are looking at newly designed church pew options.

Nearly 68% of Americans claim that they attend church services at least occasionally, according to Gallup. As a result, it should come as no surprise that there are many worship groups that are working toward the redesign of many spaces. Also not surprising, the antique church pews that are being removed from these traditional space are growing increasingly popular in private homes, as bench seating in a dining area or entryway. Church pews for sale offer a way for sanctuary pieces to find new homes as many religious spaces are being updated.

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