Four Reasons Amish Made Goods Are Better

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When you consider Amish-made goods, you probably think of quilts, furniture, and maybe cinnamon rolls. Your first thought might not be the Amish shed that you store your garden equipment in. Or the Amish-made garage you store your garden equipment in. Or the Amish storage barns you keep your garden equipment in. Wow, who knew there were so many beautiful ways to store garden equipment?

In all seriousness, there are few elements to a great landscape that have more of a wow-factor than Amish made fixtures. Maybe you store your garden equipment in beautiful Amish sheds. Perhaps it’s the Amish gazebos, pergolas, or pool houses that your landscape is designed around. Your landscaping and yard fixtures are a critical part your home’s curb appeal, and so it makes sense that using the unmatched beauty of Amish-made goods in your landscaping would have a profound impact on the total beauty of your home.

But why invest in Amish-made goods at all? We’re so glad you asked, standby to see our list of reasons, below:

Four Reasons Amish Made Goods Are Better

  1. Durability to Last Generations

    When you buy home goods from a big box store, you get what you pay for. Modern furnishings are made in a factory overseas, often just pieces of cheap particle board with a thin slice of nice wood veneer (if you’re lucky… or cheap wood disguised as nice wood) glued to the exterior, to give off the appearance of craftsmanship. These home goods are made to last a couple years, before they start falling apart and lose the look of quality that they masquerade in.

    On the other hand, the Amish use hardwoods that are sourced locally, in the northern United States, for their goods. They are processed using a high quality kiln drying process that leaves them strong and stable; these solid hardwoods have proven the ultimate test of time. Not to mention the joinery work that Amish use to put two pieces of wood together is so strong that homes that were built this way hundreds of years ago are still alive and going strong. When you invest in an Amish-made good, you’re buying an heirloom that you’ll be able to hand down to your children and their children.
  2. Made with love.
    When you buy a piece of Amish craftsmanship, you know that your home good did not just come of an assembly line with no character or uniqueness. Each piece of Amish-made furniture or structures is made with the hands of an artist, who has dedicated his life to his craft. Your piece of Amish-made art is given the attention to ensure that it not only has quality to last for generation, factors such as the grain of the wood and the movement of the tools are considered to lend itself to complete perfection. Many Amish wood working shops offer custom-made goods, so there is literally no one with the same item as you.
  3. Quality worth of the name.

    The Amish are known for the pride they take in their craftsmanship, and the attention to detail they pay to their products. Conventional furniture is usually glued together because it’s the fastest and most efficient way to throw a piece of furniture together quickly. Meanwhile, you won’t find a piece of Amish furniture that has been made with shortcuts. From the dovetail joints that that create the drawers of your furniture, to the mortise and tenon joints that build the structure of it, you can rely on the fact that your piece of Amish furniture has been made with the quality and care that makes the “Amish-made” label so desirable.

  4. Built with sustainability in mind.

    One core belief of the Amish faith is that God made them stewards of the Earth, and it their mission to maintain it. The wood that is used in Amish goods are never the product of deforestation. Their goods are made with hardwood that is native it their local community, and in a responsible amount, so that the tree population is never jeopardized. Amish woodworkers strive to reduce their footprint and waste little. Also, when you buy Amish-made furniture, your goods will last generations, so the need to discard and replace them does not arise.

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