The Best Piping For Your Familys House

Residential plumbing can be a difficult task. Nobody likes working with those pesky fittings to get the pipes to fit properly and go where they are supposed to go. However, traditional copper piping is being used less and less.

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This is because new pipe technology has been developed. In this video, you will learn about some of the newest technology in piping and how it compares to other types of piping.

PEX piping is one of the most technologically advanced types of piping. It offers many benefits that make it a great choice. However, it is susceptible to UV light similarly to CPVC piping. This means that it will degrade over time if left out in the sun too long. Even when storing it, it should be kept inside. Otherwise, you could get leaks down the line. Even so, PEX piping does offer the benefits of being significantly cheaper than copper. Further, it can easily bend in any direction and has easy to use fittings. This makes labor simpler and cheaper. If you want a simple and cheap option, go with PEX piping. If you need an outdoor pipe, it may still be best to go with copper piping.


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