Make the Most of Your Self Storage Experience

Finding the right self storage unit to fit your needs is crucial to having a successful storage experience. The benefits of self storage units are many, and the best way to ensure you reap those benefits is to be smart during the unit-selection process, as well as the packing and moving process. First, you’re going … [Read more…]

Adjustable Beds Making Happier Couples

Can an adjustable bed mattress save your marriage? Well, probably not, but having one can certainly go a long way as far as sharing a bed and sleeping comfortably is concerned. Being annoyed by a partner’s sleep habits is an age old problem–tossing and turning, snoring, strategic placing of pillows and being a bed hog … [Read more…]

7 Furniture Maintenance Tips That Apply to Every Homeowner

The best way to keep furniture looking nice over time starts in the buying process. You should always consider investing in high quality furniture covered in durable materials (look up, for example, the typical wear of leather vs microfiber). And whether you’re buying bedroom furniture or living room furniture, solid wood will almost always last … [Read more…]

The Top Three Coolest Things You Can Add to Your Custom Luxury Home

If you’ve always dreamt of owning a home that truly stands out from the crowd, then you probably know that custom built homes are the best choice for you. By designing your own house and choosing every aspect — from the type of materials that build it to the amenities and features added on at … [Read more…]

A Legitimate Explanation of Why You Might Really Need To Find a Replacement Remote Control

Being able to find a replacement television remote controls at the drop of a hat probably isn’t something that most people can do, but there are actually a few really good reasons why you might need to find replacement TV remotes. Everyone has those “off days” when they just can’t get it together, and TV … [Read more…]

You May Not Know This, But the Wireless TV Remote Is a Pretty Big Deal

Wireless remote controls sadly go unnoticed all the time these days. They control so many devices that people use every day — from DVD player remotes, to television remote controls, to very bizarre home thermostats that can be turned on and off with a remote control device from miles away. So here are three little … [Read more…]

How We Can Show Our Support and Appreciation For Military Families and Veterans

Most things in life come and go. They’re not permanent, but that’s ok because they can be replaced. Of course, some things can’t be replaced. Friends, family, and loved ones last with you forever. This is true for everyone in the world. However, military families know better than anyone else just how fragile life can … [Read more…]

5 Strategies for Buying Environmentally Friendly Furniture

Furniture is generally considered to be a necessary aspect of furnishing a home. But although you may not have thought of it, shopping for furniture — like most of your activities — impacts more than just your immediate living space. Here are some tips on buying furniture with the environment in mind: Research Sustainable Materials … [Read more…]