How to Keep Your Wedding On Budget

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Are you in the middle of planning a wedding and do not know how you will pay for it all? First, relax; 2.4 million weddings are performed each year and with out a doubt not one of them goes perfectly according to plan. Once you remember that the purpose of a wedding is to celebrate the union of two people, it becomes much easier to keep things in perspective. For a few tips on how to keep the occasion relatively stress-free while on a budget, read below.

What You Should Do First.

After saying “yes!” you and your partner need to set a date. This can be the tricky part, because certain months are more sought-after than others and therefore the booking cost can be quite a bit higher than the less favorable months, even at cheap halls for rent. For example, 15% of weddings take place in June, making it the most popular month to get married. There is no guarantee that the weather will cooperate on your big day, but it is more likely to be nice and balmy on a day in June than a weekend in January, hence its popularity.

The trick is to look at your guest list. Have you invited friends and relatives that will need to fly in, possibly running into snowstorms? If your guests are mostly local residents, you can have your wedding during a less popular time with little inconvenience. Also, give yourself plenty of time. Last-minute calls to cheap halls for rent may net you a venue, but it can cause unexpected difficulties. The rule that is usually followed is to look into banquet hall rentals about nine to 12 months before the wedding date.

What Will You Eat?

Reliable wedding websites like The Knot advise couples to plan for 40% of their wedding budget to be eaten up by catering costs. Good food is something that should not be skimped on; you do not need to serve filet mignon or oysters, but there should be enough for everyone who attends. One way of lowering costs is the cake. A smaller tiered cake can be displayed for the reception and cake-cutting ceremony. A larger, less-fancy sheet cake can be kept out of sight in the kitchen to be cut and served to guests.

Of course, the time the wedding takes place can also have an effect on prices. A dinner and dancing reception will cost more than a wedding brunch. Likewise, the drinks served can make or break a budget. To lower costs, instead of offering an open bar have one or two special cocktails and an offering of red and white wines. Champagne, while traditional, is not absolutely required for the toast. But if you are at a one of the cheap halls for rent, that does give you more room in your budget for splurges. Decide where you will make compromises.

What Else Can You Do to Stay On Budget?

There are numerous little items that can add up quickly: the invitations; transportation costs; the centerpieces’ the favors. Invitations should certainly include an R.S.V.P. card, but perhaps a “Save the Date!” card is not absolutely necessary. When wedding receptions and the ceremony are at the same location, there is no need to coordinate transportation, which may help you stay below budget and not drive you to search for cheap halls for rent. Centerpieces do not have to be floral arrangements, but if you prefer a fresh look, bouquets of greenery look just as nice as flowers at a lower price. Also remember: edible party favors are always enjoyed.

A wedding is meant to be a joyous celebration. They are notoriously expensive and stressful at times, but yours does not need to be. Make a budget, set a date, and remember to stay flexible. Even if something does not go exactly according to plan, it does not need to destroy your happy day. More like this blog.

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