Maintaining a Gravel Driveway

A gravel driveway is one of the many driveway options that you can have for your home. The maintenance of a gravel driveway is much different than that of other types of driveways. In this article, we are going to look at the important things that you need to know about maintaining a gravel driveway.

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Over time a gravel driveway will start to spread out. This means that there might be patches of dirt visible, and other areas that have too much gravel on them. In order to fix this, you can use a landplane. A landplane is something that you can hook onto the back of a truck. As it goes across the driveway it will spread the gravel out evenly. When the gravel is spread evenly, your driveway will look the best.

Landplanes are going to be especially important for long stretches of the driveway. This is because the landplane will have a lot of space to work with. If you have a smaller driveway you may need to look for other options. Another option would be to do it by hand. You can use a rake or any other tool that will help you to redistribute the gravel.


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