The Top Signs Youll Need to Hire a Foundation Contractor for Repairs

After you buy a house, you don’t think much about the foundation, but there are many problems that could go wrong with your foundation. To learn the top signs you’ll need to hire a foundation contractor for repairs, read on.

There are many signs on the exterior of your home that could indicate you need to hire a foundation contractor. The first sign is a leaning chimney.

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Since the chimney is the heaviest portion of your home, and all that weight is concentrated in a small space, your chimney will lean if the foundation is in need of repairs.

Another exterior sign you’ll need a foundation contractor is if you notice foundation settlement. This is when your home starts sinking into the soil around the foundation.

There are also signs on the inside of your home. The first sign you may notice inside your home is drywall cracks. These are a sign your foundation will need repair.

Another interior sign is wall and floor gaps. When you notice gaps between your walls and floors, it means the framework under the house has been compromised, and you’ll need to call a foundation contractor.

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