Is Leasing a Horse the Right Option For Your Family?

Some would say that you have never truly experienced life until you have rode a horse through a field and felt the wind and sunshine against your face. This is an experience that you and your children could have together. Further, taking care of a horse teaches children responsibility. However, a horse can also be a big responsibility for your wallet. Everything from food to vet services will cost you a pretty penny. Not to mention, the price of the horse itself will put you back a buck as well.

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However, there may be a better option.

Yes, it is possible to lease a horse. It is also less expensive to lease a horse up front than it is to buy a horse with cash. However, you should always be careful with leases. The rule of thumb is to avoid them entirely and always pay in cash. However, in this case, it depends on your situation. If you have free finances for a horse, go for it. Leasing a horse may be a better option for beginners because you don’t have to commit to buying a horse. However, if you plan on keeping it long-term, it is better to buy it with cash.


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