How to Stay Safe When Cutting a Tree

Do you have a large tree next to your home? It can pose a threat if a storm were to ever knock it down. It could fall on your house and even hurt your family as a worst case scenario. This is why you may want to have it chopped down safely. However, tree removal can be dangerous if not done properly. This is why it is best to have a professional take it down for you.

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In this video, you will learn how to stay safe while cutting a tree.

One of the most common accidents is kickback. Kickback occurs when the front corner of the blade contacts a solid object. This cause the chain to catch and the chainsaw to fling backwards towards your body. This can cause some serious injury and should be avoided at all costs. To prevent this, make sure you are holding the saw properly with one hand on each handle. Also make sure that you have steady footing. Make sure to keep an eye on the kickback zone of the chainsaw and take caution to never let it touch anything. This means that you should only be cutting one piece of wood at a time.


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