How to Use a Stump Grinder

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Tree stumps in your yard are unsightly and can lead to injuries if someone trips over it. To properly get rid of a tree stump, a specialized piece of equipment known as a stump grinder can help immensely. This video demonstrates how stump grinding is done so that you can safely and efficiently do it at home.

It’s important to use proper protective equipment when you are stump grinding. The blades on the grinder will kick up sawdust and splinters that can cause serious injury to you. A face mask and safety glasses are a must. You will also want ear protection and gloves, along with protective pants and boots.

Grinding an entire stump will generally take a few hours. Larger stumps may require more than one day of work so you don’t burn out. It depends on your skill level and determination. Make sure to clear away debris from the space around to trunk to make sure you don’t damage or dull the blades on the grinder.

Start the engine and get to work. Raise and lower the grinding tool and advance slowly. As you get to the base of the stump, grind a few inches into the ground to make sure that you fully remove the stump. For more information, check out the video above.

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