How to Spot a Water Heater Leak

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Water heaters are used in many homes around the US, and their prevalence means that many homeowners will face problems with them at some point. Leaks are a common issue that can lead to water damage, decreased water supply, and increased water bills. This video explains how to spot and conduct water heater repair.

There is a pressure and temperature release valve that water will come out of when pressure inside the water tank is too high. Do not, under any circumstances, plug up these release valves. The pressure will have no way to get out of the water tank and the tank may explode.

Instead, check the pressure gauge that’s connected to the water line from the city. A pressure reducing valve can help keep the pressure down, but there are unintended consequences. For example, the pressure reducing valve only works one way, so water can’t go back through the pipes if there’s too much pressure.

To repair the issue for good, speak with local officials and a high-quality plumbing contractor. They will be able to get your heater working again in no time. For more information, check out the video above.

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