Heating Oil vs. Gas Which is Better for Your Home?

While heating oil might seem like fuel from the Stone Age, many homes in America still utilize it for their heating. It’s an alternative to gas and offers many benefits. The YouTube video “Why Heating Oil is Better than Gas” shines a light on the many benefits associated with using heating oil for heating purposes.

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One of the reasons why heating oil is still popular is because of the ease of delivery. Specialized pipelines aren’t required and they can be delivered in tanks. In addition, a single tank delivery can potentially last a household for a whole year.

The conversion of heating oil into heat requires the use of an oil burner. The oil burner has component parts such
as the pump, igniter, and spray nozzle. The spray nozzle has a sintered brass filter which prevents the passage of debris into the burner. The spray nozzle’s controlled release makes oil burners with heating oil extremely safe in instances of leakage, unlike gas leakages which could lead to property destruction by fire.

Heating oil becomes flammable after heat exposure and this is ensured by placing sparks in the oil burner’s electrodes.


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