Inground Pool Costs

Inground pools are a popular outdoor attraction. This is especially true after a hot day. In this video, you will learn about the cost of these inground pools.

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The average cost of an inground pool in the United States is approximately $39,000. There are four main factors that affect this cost. These factors are where you live, when you buy an inground pool, what time of year you buy, and what type of pool you buy. The reason that where you live may affect the cost drastically is because different areas of the country have a different supply of materials and subcontractors. In general, hotter climates have lower prices.

The next factor is when you buy or in what season. Pools cost more in the summer than in winter because there is more demand. The final factor is what type of pool you choose. A vinyl liner pool is generally the cheapest while concrete and fiberglass pools will be about the same price. It is also important to factor in the lifetime cost of owning your inground pool. Though vinyl pools are cheaper initially, they are more expensive to maintain, because the liner most be replaced every five to ten years.


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