Deciding On A Reliable Certified Arborist

Becoming a certified Arborist you need to take and pass the exam. However, it’s important to note that certification is voluntary. Though being certified comes with its benefits.

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An Arborist certification is a legal recognition of your professional understanding and skill in maintaining trees and woody plants.

Before anyone hire your services among a pool of arborist, one of the key things they’ll be looking for is that you have deep knowledge of proper arborist practices. And that’s what certification does to you; increase your employability and giving assurance to the party looking to employ you.

What is the Logistics of ISA Certified Arborist Test

  • The test takes 3.5 hours
  • Made of multiple choice questions
  • ISA member fee: $170
  • Non-member fee: $280
  • Computer-based fee: $125

The exam covers a broad range of topics. Knowing which ones it covers will help you narrow down your choices. Some of the topics are pruning (32 questions) safe work practices (30 questions), Tree Risk Management (26 questions), Soil Management (24 questions), Tree Biology (16 questions), Identification and selection( 16 questions), Diagnosis and treatment (24 questions), Urban forestry (14 questions), Installation and establishment (10 questions), Tree protection (8 questions). The wide range of topics covered in this certification allows the candidates to choose for a host of options in the arboriculture profession.

To be a certified arborist, you must be trained, pass the test and practice all aspects of arboriculture, proving your competency in the tree care industry.


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