The Most Common Issue Causing for Air Conditioner Repair

When your air conditioner unit is broken, you need air conditioner repair right away to avoid dangerous temperatures in your home during much of the year. So, what causes these problems to AC units? Several issues may cause the unit not to work. If the air conditioner will simply not turn on, there is one reason that is the most common cause of this problem.

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There is a capacitor inside the unit that is responsible for most of the problems with AC units. The capacitor may have become weak over time, or it may have failed completely. You need to either replace this capacitor or have someone else come out and replace it.

To start fixing it, you need to open the disconnect box and disconnect the unit from the power. To find the area with the error, follow the electrical line from the home to the AC unit. The panel that you will need to remove will be close to that line. Use a screwdriver to remove that panel from the unit. Then, you can get to the capacitor that was causing the problem. Use a screwdriver to remove the bracket that holds the capacitor in place to take out the old one.

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