Avoid These Plumbing Blunders in Your Familys Home

Who doesn’t love spending time with family and friends in a freshly trimmed backyard. The fresh air and sweet aroma of flowers welcome you to the great outdoors. However, you could be stuck inside if your plumbing is acting up again. This can happen as a result of old fixtures and equipment. It may be time to install some better plumbing.

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You could call contractors to help, or you could tackle this project on your own. Regardless of your choice, here are some common plumbing blunders to look out for.

Soldering seems to be a point of many blunders when it comes to plumbing. Many people don’t even realize what the right way to solder is. You will be tempted to heat the solder itself. However, you actually want to heat the copper piping so that it can effectively absorb the solder. This is the best way to solder onto a copper pipe. however, be careful as to not overheat the copper pipe. This can lead to structural integrity issues and may result in a broken pipe. If it starts turning black, you have gone too far.


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