Three Compelling Reasons for Donating to the Red Cross This Year

Donate clothes to red cross

Every year in the United States, 70% of the American people give to charity. There are a number of reasons people give, not the least of which is that it feels good to make a difference in the lives of those who may not be as fortunate.

The non-profit sector in the United States is a thriving part of the economy, contributing an annual value of over $650 billion every year. So, many different non-profits across the country have as their mission the goal of making the community better off, of improving the lives of those who struggle and suffer. The American Red Cross was created for those very reasons.

The American Red Cross provides relief for families and individuals who are suffering in the form of food, shelter, blankets, and even blood. Perhaps you have seen the Red Cross blood drives in your community or even participated in one yourself. This non-profit institution is doing this good work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you have had the desire to give to a charitable cause but were unsure where to go or how to even begin, why not start by donating your used clothing to the Red Cross? It is a very simple thing to do and will be an immense help to the charity. Here are three reasons why you should consider Red Cross donations this year.

1.) Your donations are tax deductible

Anytime you make a donation to a charitable organization it becomes a tax deduction for you. As long as you get a receipt for the value of the items you donate, you may report it when doing your taxes and will receive the allowable deduction. Your donation goes a long way to helping your fellow human beings and you get a break on your taxes. It’s a win/win.

2.) Lightening your load could very well improve your life

Only you know you, but research has shown that the average American has more clothing and many things we classify as stuff than we need and even want. We accumulate our stuff and before we know it, we run out of places to put everything. Taking a few days to go through your things and giving away what you don’t want could improve someone else’s life while improving your own in the process.

Used clothing donations can be resold or repurposed, giving someone who is struggling an opportunity to wear something warm and comfortable when they otherwise might not have anything. Thousands of people across the country struggle to keep clothes on their backs during the year. When you donate clothes, you provide them with that comfort.

3.) Your donations contribute to the economy

Because the Red Cross is such a large non-profit organization, the businesses it engages in during the course of the year means a very large contribution to the economy on the whole. Your American Red Cross donations of clothing, for example, will be repurposed and sold again, creating jobs and income for the charity. When you donate, you are making a difference in many more ways than just one.

Red Cross donations are what make the charity run. They are what keep the organization afloat. So, the next time there is a flood, fire, or other major disasters on the news, you can know that your Red Cross donations helped make it possible for this great institution to be on the scene providing thousands with the relief they so very desperately need.

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