The Best Way to Install Shingles

Roofing can be dangerous. According to one source, one third of all construction deaths are a result of workers falling off of roofs. All it takes is one step to be in a world of hurt. This is why most people will likely call a professional roofer. This is a great option, however, you can still install shingles easily yourself if you are careful.

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In this video, you will learn the best way to install shingles.

The best way to install shingles is the safe way. You will need some safety equipment before you get started. You could use a harness, a rope attached to the roof ridge, or safety rails. These are just a few of the many ideas to keep you safe. You could even purchase some special roofing shoes that are extra grippy.

After you are secure, you will need to start by nailing the drip edge to the roof. This step often gets overlooked. Yet, it is crucially important. A drip edge directs water away from the roof so that it does not drip down the siding. This can result in water damage and mold over time. To see what to do next, keep watching the video.


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