Taking Family Photos You Will Cherish For A Lifetime

Family photo

Family photos are a way to capture a moment and remember it for years to come. Family photos can be framed and hung in the houses of your family or collected into scrapbooks and photo albums. Family photos make keepsakes that can be passed down for generations.

Some families had professional photographers take posed photos every year for holiday cards. I look forward to receiving them from aunts and cousins I get to see rarely. It is nice to see how people are growing, and an especially welcome treat when there has been a new addition to the family.

When you go to take a family photo, it is not necessary to use stiff stock poses even if using a traditional photographer in a photo studio. Consider adding flair and personality to express the passions and likes of various family members. Meet with the photographer before hand to discuss their ideas for how to incorporate your families personality into your family photo.

Outdoor family photos can be taken candid or professionally. A candid family photo can be taken by enlisting the help of a friend or stranger to snap the picture while you and your family poses. Taking a family photo infront of a monument or icon you visit is a great way to remember your travels.

A recent trend and popular subject of family photos is the recreation of older snapshots. Photos taken during child hood are repeated, attempting to match the original as close as possible. People gather clothes that look similar and try emulate the pose and facial expressions of the original. These photos usually lend to very amusing results.

Be sure not to leave pets out of family photos. Your pet can be as much a part of the family as anyone. Call ahead to your photographer and arrange to get your pet worked into the portrait. With a little forethought and planning, even the largest of pets could be accommodated.

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