Stop Making These Contractor Mistakes!

If you’re a residential or architectural contractor, chances are that you have seen your fair share of humongous projects. General contractors are tasked with a vast variety of construction jobs, from installing concrete flooring to entire building structures. If you want to complete the most accurate and successful projects you can as a contractor, it is crucial that you keep in contact with others in your profession.

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Learning from others’ mistakes is key to growing in the construction business, or any business for that matter. To get you started, this video details 5 big mistakes that you should avoid as a contractor.

The first mistake that contractors make is not asking for enough money for their services. In addition to your hard labor on the site, you should include phone call times, travel times, and time spent organizing the project. You are probably worth a lot more than you think you are, so get paid your fair share. Next, you need to avoid unclear communication. Tell your client exactly what is happening, communicate in detailed terms to your subcontractors, and let there be no mysteries in your planning process. Finally, stop trying to complain about the systems put in place for contractors and do your best to comply and thrive in them.


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