How to Pick the Best Above Ground Pool

For people looking for an above ground pool, it’s important to do research (video). After all, one wants the backyard to be fun and relaxing. So how can they make sure they pick the best above ground pool? Here are a few things to look for when shopping around.

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  • Pool shape: Not all pools are alike. Some are rectangular, some are circular, and some have freeform shapes that might make them wider or deeper than other designs on the market. A person will need to decide which works best for them and their family. Don’t forget about the decking! If one plans on building a deck around their pool, they should ensure they know how much space will be left on each side. One wouldn’t want to forget about this step—it’s one of the biggest mistakes people make when buying their first pool!
  • Material: There are two main types of above ground pools: those made out of vinyl and those made out of steel. Vinyl pools tend to be easier on the wallet, but steel pools can last longer if properly cared for, and they’re not as likely to get punctures or tears. Contact home for more details!


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