How to Install Hanging Cabinets

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Hanging kitchen cabinets can be difficult to install due to the weight and size. This article will explain how to hang your cabinets perfectly.

The first thing to do is to remove the doors and the shelves. This will lighten the cabinet and just generally make your life easier.

Remember, many hands make light work, even if you have an extra person just keeping track of the screws. It also helps to lift and hold the cabinets into place while someone else screws it in.

The next step is to check and make sure the cabinet is level. You can use tapered pieces of wood, or shims, to make slight adjustments to uneven sides of the cabinet.

Once the cabinet is level in place, it’s time to screw it into the wall. Use 2.5-2in long screws. You need screws at least this long to get through the back of the cabinet, through the wall, and finally into the stud.

Don’t screw in fully until you have the cabinet-level. It can move around as you place the different screws into their spots.

Finally, throw the shelves back in and attach the kitchen cabinet doors. Following these steps will ensure that you properly hang your kitchen cabinets. If you need more information, click on the video above.

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