How to Install An Irrigation System for Your Garden

A lot of people are intimidated by irrigation, but I enjoy it, so I’ve put up a few pointers on how to install residential garden irrigation.

How to build a residential garden irrigation system

The garden was already set up with a 20mm PVC supply pipe that ran underground to each garden bed and connected to an isolation valve that could be used to switch on or off the water. Each garden bed has a header line that runs across the top.

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Cut the header line into four 30cm lengths with a tape measure for the measurement. To secure the initial T connector to the isolation valve, use a smaller piece that is 10-15cm away from the bed’s edge.

Use a T connector to join the first four components; before putting the pipe over the connectors, soak the end of the pipe in hot water to soften it. Place plastic clamps over the pipe where it joins the connector and tighten them with pliers to secure it in place. An ‘L’-shaped connector is used to connect the final dripline.

Now cut the driplines into 3m lengths (or slightly shorter, depending on the length of bed) and connect these to the T connectors. You could use stoppers or extra isolation valves to lock off the ends so the lines can be flushed out on occasion, but you could also use stoppers to seal off the ends.


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