How to Find Japanese Folding Screens

Shoji screens and doors

Have you ever seen a picture of a traditional Japanese home and fallen in love with the simple beauty of the culture’s architecture? Not only are these homes simply furnished, with little furniture, and equipped with sliding walls and doors for an airy feel, but homeowners often use Shoji screens to separate open rooms. A Shoji screen provides some privacy and without completely separating the space from the rest of the room; the effect is simultaneously traditional and modern, exotic and familiar, interesting but not out of place.

In recent times, these Japanese folding screens have become increasingly popular in Western homes for the unique, international feel they bring to a room. They have been adapted to be used in a number of ways both inside and outside a house, whether the Japanese screens are being used as doors, windows, headboards, or as traditional Shoji room dividers. Their versatility and simple beauty makes Japanese folding screens an interesting addition to many modern Western homes.

Japanese folding screens are traditionally constructed out of cypress and cedar wood, creating the crisp yet classic look that Shoji panels are famous for. They can also be paneled with laminated rice paper, which makes the Japanese Shoji screens very durable, perfect for most areas of a home, including bathrooms and kitchens.

Japanese folding screens also offer many different options for the modern home. While it is still easy to find the traditional Shoji screens room dividers, which are useful as headboards and privacy screens, modern craftsmen also offer a number of other options: you can purchase hanging shoji screens, which can be used as headboards or as interesting artwork, as well as shoji sliding doors. These Japanese style sliding doors are an interesting addition to any room. Picture a Shoji closet door, or perhaps a Japanese sliding door opening out to your backyard.

If you’re interested in adding Japanese folding screens to your home, contact a craftsman who specializes in creating traditional Shoji screens and doors. By purchasing Japanese folding screens from a specialized builder, you are guaranteed a product of higher quality and greater durability, but also a variety of options, ranging from Japanese room dividers to sliding Shoji screens. How would you like to incorporate Japanese folding screens into your home? Contact a craftsman today to discuss your options today!

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