Three Packing Tips to Make Your Move Less Stressful

Long distance moving tips

Did you know that one in four people think moving is most stressful experience a person can go through in life? Even with the help of local moving services, all of the pressure can make a person look and feel as much as two whole years older. In fact, studies have found that the stress of moving can cause hair loss, short-term memory issues, and anxiety.

Like most things in life, though, the key to beating the stress of moving is to have a solid plan in place, which you likely already have. The problem is getting your packing done in time to be ready for the local moving companies’ help, which is quite the challenge between accomplishing other moving chores and your daily responsibilities.

Here are a few packing and moving tips and tricks to help you be ready in time for your local moving services.

Stay Ahead of the Game.

Even before you’ve locked down a date with your local moving services, start getting your packing supplies in order. A lot of these you can get free, but if you start to feel the pressures of deadlines, it might be easier to just head to a store and pick some up. The perfect time to start packing is when you and your local moving services have a moving day booked. Starting this early helps you mitigate the amount of last minute packing there’ll be.

Start With Your Storage Areas.

Packing your whole house is most certainly a daunting task, but remember that the thousand mile journey begins with just a single step. The best place to start is your closet and your other storage areas. Don’t plan to pack everything though, since your local moving services will wind up charging you more. Remember the “one year rule.” If you haven’t used or worn something in over a year, toss it or donate it.

Pack the Essentials Last.

After you’re done with your storage areas, it doesn’t matter what place you move on to, but save the things you use everyday for last, like the items in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. It also helps to have a “moving day box.” This is a clear, plastic tub filled with the things you’re going to need on your first day, like phone chargers, toothbrushes, and more. Have the local moving services put it last in the truck, so that it’s the first thing to come out.

If you follow these tips for moving and packing, you’ll have a much less stressful time. Remember to start packing as soon as you’ve solidified a moving date with your local moving services. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. More.

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