Wooden Plantation Shutters are the Perfect Exterior Window Treatment for Many Homeowners

When you want more control over how much light gets in through a window, and you want more privacy, you need window treatments. It can be nice to have custom shades to hang in a window. These will fit your window perfectly and can shut out a lot of light. They are also easy to operate. Basement shades can be handy to keep out too much sun and to block the room from view of the windows. A basement window blind can also be used, especially if you regularly use your basement.

If you need bathroom blinds and shades, look for models that complement the look of the bathroom rather than clashing with it. If you have ivory windowsills, for example, don’t choose stark-white blinds or shades. For bathroom blinds or curtains, choose models that go well with the style of the bathroom as well as the colors it uses. A highly classical bathroom may look better with a shade instead of modern blinds. Also, think about how much light you want to let in. Shades may block more light than blinds, depending on the type of shades. Once you have your window treatment, you will have the privacy you need.

Plantation shutters

New window treatments are an essential part of most every exterior renovation. While there are many different styles of blinds and shutters to choose from, you’ll likely find that plantation shutters are the best choice. For the most part, homeowners can choose from high-quality plastic or sturdy wooden plantation shutters, and there isn’t one choice that is always right. However, many homeowners prefer the latter because of the several advantages that they offer. No matter if you are looking for an upgraded contemporary look or a more classic and traditional aesthetic, they can be a great fit.
Perhaps the greatest advantage to investing in wooden plantation shutters, rather than other options, is the fact that they are highly customizeable. While plastic shutters might come in a range of sizes, wooden ones are generally cut to specific measurements to fit any window. Plus, unlike plastic which are often limited to just basic designs, wooden shutters can be cut with most any intricate patterns or finishes, helping homeowners give their home a unique look that stands out from others on the block. While you might have to pay a bit more for customization, that little investment will prove to be quite worthwhile.

Not only can wooden plantation shutters be customized when you first invest in them, but they can be painted, stained, and even cut differently over and over again. What you see is what you get with plastic shutters — though maybe you can paint them — but wood can be changed easily on a regular basis. You can even sand and repaint them every year if you have a constant need to change things up. The alterations that can be made mean that when you invest in wooden shutters, you aren’t stuck with one set for years.

The fact that wooden shutters can be tweaked and customized so many times stems largely from the fact that they are so durable. Wind, rain, sleet, snow, and other elements won’t harm sturdy wooden shutters and, while a baseball or other items that kids play with could crack plastic shutters, they won’t likely have the same impact on wood. Wooden plantation shutters can last for as long as you own your home, if not longer, especially if you perform a bit of regular maintenance.
Wooden outdoor plantation shutters aren’t the right choice for everyone, especially if you are just looking for a quick aesthetic fix that can be made with plastic. However, if you want to give your home a unique look and invest in an addition that you will be happy with for a long time, wood is the better option.

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