Home Water Filters are a Great Alternative to Bottled Water

Countertop water purifier

Many Americans choose to grab a cold disposable bottle of water out of their fridge when they need a drink or before they step out the door. In fact, according to data compiled by Statistic Brain, the average American will use a whopping 167 bottles every year. With the average cost of a bottle around $1.45, consumers spend some $11.8 billion on bottled water every year. In addition to being costly, of course, using plastic water bottles contributes to pollution problems. Fortunately, there are bottleless countertop water dispensers and filters that you can use in your home to ease the burden on your wallet and the environment.
Many people turn to bottled water because, thanks in large part to misleading marketing campaigns, they believe that it is cleaner and healthier than the water that comes out of their tap. While tap water is generally treated and cleaner than beverage companies would have you believe, countertop water filtration systems can give you the same clean water without having to drink from disposable bottles. In fact, because many companies use loopholes and bottle water no cleaner than what comes right from the tap, home filters might actually be the healthier option.
Though you might have to buy a new filter every once in a while, bottleless countertop water dispensers are still a much cheaper option than bottled water. There are a number of different options, and some can give your warm or cold water, while others might just store water at room temp. Either way, they are easy to use and a nice, money-saving alternative.
Bottleless countertop water dispensers and other filtering systems are not only reserved for people who don’t want to spend money on bottled water. They might be a necessity for the estimated 15% of Americans who have private water sources that are not regulated by the government. Without treatment, there are lots of contaminants that could work their way into a glass of water, making people sick. Small filters and even larger ones designed for entire homes might be essential for families who depend on wells and other, unregulated water sources.
If monthly water bills were as expensive as even the cheapest water bottle, monthly bills could reach up to $9,000. While homeowners certainly aren’t spending that kind of money, the fact remains that cutting bottled water can help them save. Combined with the fact that avoiding disposable bottles is good for the environment, the decision to switch to home filters should be an easy one.

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