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Is America the most materialistic country in the world? Since capitalism thrives on materialism, and the United States is the wealthiest capitalist nation in the world, it is very possible that Americans are the most materialistic people on earth. Of course, there is no way to prove that, but various statistics can often be enough to back up such a contention.

A good indication of a country’s materialism is the amount of used items that are discarded, given away, resold, or recycled. According to one statistic, American’s buy an average of 10 lbs. of used clothing annually. This means that a lot of people purchase a lot of clothing that the use for very short periods of time. This isn’t always the case, but there are millions of Americans who spend a considerable amount of their free time shopping for the latest fashions. At the same time, once those fashions become outdated at the end of that same season, off they go to green charities, poor folks, and veterans clothing donations center.

Whether you are looking to get of last season’s outdated clothing styles, or simply need to get rid of clothing that you no longer wear or have room for, the best charities to donate to are those that strive to help struggling veterans. While veterans are certainly not the only financially struggling Americans, don’t you think that the sacrifices American soldiers make defending your beloved capitalist country, is worth making their needs a priority? After all, nobody would be materialistic if it weren’t for the soldiers who defended the United States from a genuine Nazi threat.

Regardless of the wars U.S. veterans fought, there are always thousands of those veterans who return to the United States and can’t make a living. If you’ve ever seen and heard John Rambo’s obligatory onscreen rants at the end of First Blood or Rambo: First Blood Part II you will completely understand. While those movies are far-fetched, the historical bases on which their premises are built are not.

If you feel like you want to do something in the name of patriotism, but are too old to join the U.S. armed forces, helping military families via Purple Heart Donations gives you an opportunity to make a patriotic contribution. Even though helping military families isn’t as dangerous or courageous as putting yourself in harm’s way every day, it does support the American cause.

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