Customizing Your Interior With Shoji Screens

Shoji closet door

Historically, hanging Shoji screens were found in 16th century Japanese home, but these days custom Japanese room screens are featured in Wester interior designs thanks to their unique and international flavor. While hanging Shoji screens can be customized with nontraditional materials, even the traditional Shoji screens and doors can provide relative durability for contemporary homes. With some preliminary research, you can find the best Japanese folding screens and doors to complement any design.

When it comes to finding the perfect Shoji screen styles, it could be likened to an artistic treasure hunt. When first beginning the process, you may want to use online bookmarking sites to browse through different samples of Shoji doors and screens that fit your interior sensibilities. Pinterest can be used to search interior decorating and design ideas to find the exact options for Shoji panels that capture the look and style that you prefer. As users pin their favorite images to pinterest, you can browse them and begin to collect a multitude of fence and landscape decorating ideas to guide your endeavors.

As you start to look at all of your new interior design options, you can then search for reviews and comments referencing the different craftsmen. If you analyze the feedback and comments from previous customers it may help to give you some direction when it comes to the design and installation. Then you can begin to refine your list of potential companies to use, based on ratings and general feedback. With this list and your online research, it might make sense to start talking with the builders and companies to make sure it is a good fit.

As part of your overall style, you can say a lot about your design and style preferences based on the accents in your home. By researching various Shoji screen styles ahead of time, you will better be able to get the custom look that defines your home. Continue reading here.

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