Get rid of those clothes that have been sitting untouched for far too long

Your closet is probably filled with items that you haven’t worn in years. Pieces of clothing that at the time you first saw them you thought you needed to have them and would wear them always. Now, as time passes those clothes pile up and take up space within your closet that never really moves. Americans find themselves consuming roughly 20 billion pounds of clothing every year. That is about 68 items of clothing that is purchased per week. What do you do with the clothing that you don’t wear anymore? Shouldn’t it be used for something other than moth food? American Red Cross donations are always a good option for those pieces of clothing that you know you’re never going to wear again. Donating your clothes can help out people who may not have the ability to go out and buy new clothes with tags every day like you do.

Used clothing donations help a multitude of people who don’t have the change to buy their clothes new. As of January 2015, 564,708 people were listed as homeless, in the years that have passed now those numbers have steadily increased. When you donate clothes you’re helping to clothe some of these individuals who are in desperate need. Your clothing is also getting a new life that does not include the bottom of your closet forgotten. American Red Cross donations are a way to give back to your community and to help out those who may be struggling.

Feel funny about dropping your used clothing off in used bin? Well, American Red Cross donations can even be arraigned for clothing donation pickup! If you call your local center, and arrange it with a Red Cross donation center, then the Red Cross clothing pick up can be on the way just as soon as you request for it. With this all you have to do is gather the clothing together and leave the boxes and bags right outside your door for the workers to come and grab. It is simple for all involved and soon as the clothing is sorted though within the warehouses it is given out to those who find the need for it. Clothes donations really are as simple as they seem to be.

The next time you find yourself peering into your closet and looking at items that haven’t been worn in years, put it all in a bag American Red Cross donations will be happy to take it off of your hands and give it to individuals with a great need for them. How good would it make you feel to know that you’ve helped out those in need as well? Knowing that your used clothing is going to be taking care of people now, knowing that by donating clothing you’ve given a second chance to clothing articles and perhaps even to the people wearing them. They do say that clothing gives a person confidence, your used clothing could be giving an individual the confidence to go after a job that will get them out of the dire striates they’ve been dealing with.

If all of this isn’t enough to convince you to have some American Red Cross donations on hand, also keep in mind that any donations you make are also tax deductible! Saving yourself around tax time never hurt anyone either.

Go through your closet, come to terms with the times you no longer find yourself wearing and put together a bag of goods for a family who could really use them. Donate to the Red Cross today, you won’t regret your decision to help out your fellow struggling Americans.

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