Fix Your Windows With Epoxy

Windows are going to rot over time. This occurs naturally as they get wet. This can cause chunks of the window to fall apart which compromises the integrity of the window.

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This can result in leaks of both air and water. There are a few options when it comes to fixing these issues. You could take out the whole window frame and replace it with a new one. You could also cut out the rotted part and put a wooden patch on it. However, there is a simpler and quicker method. In this video, you will learn how to use epoxy to patch up your rotted windows.

The first step is to use a v-shaped grinder to remove the rotten wood. You will then need to apply a binding substance to the wood to make the epoxy bind to it more easily. Next, you will want to use a a knife to apply the epoxy. After this, use the knife to scrape away any extra epoxy so that it is level with the wood. Let it dry overnight, then you can paint it and stain it to match the wood.


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