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Enjoy a Luxury Vegas Condo, and Fewer Responsibilities

Did you know that, in 2012, an overwhelming majority of new home buyers began the the process online, and that typical homes in Nevada are up for sale for only 102 days? Buying a home can be a long, drawn-out process, especially for first-time home buyers. Even more alarmingly, the process can involve a lot … [Read more…]

Think Personality When it Comes to Family Photos

Did you know that, in the late 19th century, photographing relatives, especially children, post-mortem was common practice? The pictures featured recently deceased infants or children, sometimes propped up next to their living mothers and siblings. The chilling photographs, sometimes the only memento of a child due to high infant mortality rates, give a whole new … [Read more…]

Tips for Off Campus Living

When most people think of student housing, their minds automatically jump to dormitories. Though many students do live in dormitories, the range of housing options available to students is much wider than it used to be, giving students at all levels many choices about where to live. About 1,439,264 Bachelors’ degrees and about 574,618 Masters’ … [Read more…]