Your Furniture Says A Lot About You The Classic Appeal Of Handcrafted Amish Folk Art

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Americans love dogs. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a lot of American families to give their pets gifts for their birthdays! Animals have a special way of enhancing our lives, bringing love and laughter wherever they go. A wonderful way to appreciate what your dog does for you is to give them the very best in creature comforts. Custom dog kennels for sale can be altered at will, from your dog’s unique breed to their size and general lifestyle. Amish furniture combines the best in classic technique with modern industry, providing countless American families products that are literally built to last.

Learn about custom dog kennels for sale and the fascinating history of Amish folk art below!

Amish furniture first gained prominence in the early 1920’s. This was about the time early American folk art was starting to gain prominence in multiple media outlets. Art dealers and historians alike were going the extra mile to document the unique, loving technique found in many Amish shops, all the better to preserve it for generations down the line. All of Amish furniture is 100% hand-crafted, a relic of a bygone time when quality mattered more than speed. From Amish chicken cooks to custom dog kennels for sale, sometimes you need to go for the old-fashioned investment.

A major draw of Amish furniture are its beautiful wooden carvings. The majority of Amish furniture is constructed from five types of wood — oak, cherry, walnut, maple and hickory. Cherry wood is known for its vivid red undertones, quite popular in many old-fashioned American homes. The only type of wood more popular than cherry would be hickory for its pale finish and incredibly density. For those that want a satisfying neutral to blend in with just about any type of interior or exterior design, try choosing a walnut construction. When in doubt? An Amish craftsman will know what to do.

Amish buildings, barns and sheds have withstood the test of time precisely because of the care taken in each construction. A wooden shed can last up to 20 years with minimal upkeep, which is nothing to say of custom dog kennels for sale or Amish garage kits. In fact, longevity is often the most appealing element for homeowners outside of aesthetic — a recent survey found a whopping 90% of respondents saying they plan on keeping their wooden furniture for at least 15 years, if not more. Another survey of over 2,000 consumers saw 70% agreeing that the design of furniture says a lot about the person.

This high standard of quality means your Amish dog house will take time to create. Expect to wait anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks for your Amish furniture to reach your home. It can take up to eight weeks to either build new furniture or customize already existing Amish designs. Try to keep your space needs in mind when purchasing custom dog kennels for sale or a new Amish garden kit. Taking a quick measurement of the space and tacking on an extra 25% will give you enough wiggle room should you change your mind down the road. Purchasing the ideal dog kennel means considering your dog’s size and breed in the purchase.

Your kennel should be roomy, warm and comfortable for your dog. A common concern for many homeowners is the spread of fleas and ticks, so be sure to routinely check your kennel from time-to-time to make sure you’re not accidentally spreading an infestation. Kennels can be supplemented with blankets and toys, but be sure to clean these out once in a while so you can keep your dog pest and bacteria-free. An Amish custom dog kennel will last you for years and can be altered at will to suit both your dog and your exterior design.

When you want quality over quantity, Amish folk art is a staple you can turn to every time.

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