What You Didnt Know About Hail

Hail is a fairly common phenomena. It occurs when storm has a strong updraft. This updraft can be as strong as 100 miles per hour. This updraft pulls condensation up into the storm where it freezes into balls. The stronger the updraft, the longer the ice balls can form as they accrue more and more ice.

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Sometimes the ice will collide causing a fusion of several shapes. The result of this process is hailstones. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The largest known hailstone was over eight inches wide. As you can imagine, hail stones pose a particularly dangerous threat. They can hurt animals, destroy crops, knock out dent cars, break windshields, and damage roofs. If your roof has been damaged by hail, please contact some professional hail damage roofing contractors.

Hail is often associated with tornadoes because they both occur in storms with strong updrafts. In fact, the hail in these powerful storms can sometimes reflect an eerie green light. Unfortunately, hail injures about 24 people very year in the United States alone. It also leads to around 1 billion dollars of crop damage each and every year.


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