Want to Contribute to Your Community with Charitable Donations of Clothing? Here’s How You Can Start

Value of charitable donations

Have you cleaned out your closet recently? Whether you’ve just overhauled your wardrobe or you’re clearing out space in the kids’ dressers, you may have quite a few clothing items that you and your family members no longer need. Some people, when they’re unsure what to do with their old clothing, will put it in the trash, not realizing the incredibly negative impact this can have on our environment. Clothing and textiles are some of the most easily recycled materials, and giving donations of clothing can significantly reduce the amount of waste in our landfills. One research estimate shows that up to 90% of the clothing and textiles found in United States landfills could have been recycled, but only a small portion of those materials is ever recovered.

Giving your gently used clothing donations to your local charity organizations is also an excellent ways of helping families in need in your community and throughout the world. And in addition to helping the planet and other people, giving to the right charities can mean receiving a break on your taxes if you itemize your deductions. However, if you’re unsure how to get started giving to charity, here are a few ways you can get involved locally and globally:

Give to a charitable organization.
Many thrift stores, shelters, and other charities will accept donations of clothing at any time of the year. These organizations will sort through your donations to find what is salvageable. Clothing may also be sold in secondhand shops with the proceeds benefits people in need in your area.

Drop off your donations.
All around the country, donation boxes are popping up on city streets, in plazas, and in front of other businesses. These boxes allow you to give your donations at any time. Some boxes will say which charities they benefit right on them; others, however, may take reusable clothing that will go straight to a recycling facility.

Participate in a clothing drive.
Many local charities organize specific events that are designed for charitable giving, such as clothing donation drives. Clothing drives typically help rally a community around a particular cause or help to solve a local issue. Find out if any of these events are coming up in your area.

Get your donations picked up.
For those who are unable to drop off donations themselves, or those who can’t pack them all up in their vehicles, many charities also offer a pick-up service that will take used clothing donations and other household items. All you have to do is call ahead and schedule a day and time for pick-up. These types of donations can be either ongoing or one-time events, so be sure to find out when a charity is scheduling pick-ups in your town or city.

How have you given donations of clothing to charity before? Tell us about how you’ve helped donate. Read more blogs like this.

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