It’s Back to School Time, and You Can Help Children in Need with Your Clothing Donations

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It’s the back to school season: a time that sends teachers, parents, and children into overdrive. In addition to preparing for new classes and new teachers for the upcoming school year, many young students also head to shopping malls and department stores to pick out new clothing for the fall.

However, some parents of children and teens are unable to buy new clothing for their kids. Because this can be an overwhelming expense for some families, it can be difficult for parents to keep up with growth spurts and fashion trends. But there is a way that communities can come together to help these parents — by giving children in need clothing that has been gently used.

Charitable clothing donations have myriad benefits on communities, especially when helping families in need. For children in need clothing — especially new clothing — might not be an option, which is why it’s essential to donate what you have and don’t need. Even though your children may have outgrown it doesn’t mean that someone else’s kids can’t benefit from your charitable giving.

Want some advice on how to give local children in need clothing donations? Here are a few solutions to get you started.

  • Find out which organizations in your area are accepting gently used clothing donations and give them to charity. One research figure estimates that 70% of Americans donate to charity at least once per year. However, if everyone was able to give one item from his or her closet, imagine how much more charitable giving could be done each year.
  • If there aren’t any charities in your area who are collecting clothing for children and teens, try organizing a local clothing donations drive to help out in your community. You can partner with a school or church to get started, as these groups tend to have a broad reach in recruiting volunteers. This way it’s not just about your donations but about pooling together the resources of your community for a maximum positive impact.
  • Don’t have clothing to donate? No problem! Help sponsor a shopping trip for a child or teen in need, or see if any charities are also accepting new clothing. And, of course, if you don’t have items to donate, many charities will also accept monetary donations.

All of these solutions help combat a serious problem: pollution. When some people no longer want or need the clothing they own, they throw it away. However, clothing and textiles are some of the easiest materials to recycle and reuse, yet Americans still throw away more than any other nation. According to one study, approximately 90% of the clothing and textile waste found in landfills was salvageable, and yet it still wound up in the trash. By diverting used clothing from the landfill and to people who can benefit from it, we can not only give back to our communities but curb land pollution, too.

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