Uplift Your Spirits with a Rejuvenated Living Space

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When you have a happy home, you may often contemplate what makes it so. Whether it’s because you just moved into your first house or have been living there for a while, you may have a long list of definitions for what makes it happy.

A recent survey’s participants shared these as their most popular definitions:

  • A place where you feel safe and secure: 69%
  • A place where you can relax: 64%
  • A place where you can be yourself: 57%

If you just purchased a fixer-upper, planning how you will renovate it most likely brings a smile to your face. When Millennials purchased homes in 2014, for example, a survey showed that they were renovating their homes so that they felt like their own. For some, this may have included remodeling a master bathroom, according to a Houzz survey, while for others it may have entailed a total renovation.

Other age groups, since as those 60 and over, may be modifying their interiors because they’re planning to age in place. This was true for over half of these homeowners, according to a recent survey. It’s possible these modifications entailed installing a downstairs bathroom, transforming the garage into a studio, or creating a reading nook by a large Bay window.

If your home has already been renovated, have you recently updated any of the furnishings, decor, or carpet designs? Would you be surprised to learn that 47% of people in the United States haven’t done so for over 5 years? Another 9% haven’t done so for over 10 years. If you haven’t created a new look for your home, perhaps it’s time to contact an interior designer to assist you.

Depending on whether you want to spruce up a few rooms or your entire home, an interior decorator will be able to provide you with quite a few designs. Furthermore, they will explain the reasons why they chose the furnishings, window treatments, decor, and other design elements, as well as the overall design process.

Just the idea of transforming your surroundings may fill you with happiness and excitement. Once all the finishing touches are made, your home will be just the way you imagined-and more.

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